Commercial Building

Commercial Building

Setting: Office, hotel, shopping center, hospital, etc.

On-site generation: With Adenergy’s support, the property has installed rooftop solar panels, monitored and optimized by the AEMO platform. The facility has also installed a microsystem of co-generation to provide backup of electricity and heat for emergencies.

Micro-grid: Because of growing demand for electric cars, Adenergy has installed EV charging in the facility parking lot. This also powers the facility’s small fleet of EV cleaning robots.

Smart building and maintenance: The company has worked with Adenergy to set preferences for a range of HVAC, lighting and air purification settings. Now the AEMO platform is automating these systems, allowing the building to respond to activity and changes in the building.

Adenergy partnership: Starting with AEMO connect, Adenergy has partnered with the building’s managers to uncover the facility’s real energy usage. This audit, supported by targeted data from AEMO, has revealed hidden costs in maintenance and different departmental silos. Adenergy has now helped the facility managers benchmark and understand their energy usage patterns while simplifying and uniting the building’s energy operations.

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