Setting: Large industrial facility

On-site generation: The factory has committed to maximizing renewable energy and installed wind turbines for industrial grade renewable energy production on-site. Meanwhile, a gas co-generation installation provides heat for the factory.

Micro-grid: Being a large facility, the smart factory has installed a container-sized energy storage system. This saves energy the wind turbine generates. EV charging stations power the site’s fleet of AGVs, electric distribution vehicles and employee cars.

Smart building and maintenance: Before modifications like the turbine and storage system were installed, Adenergy maintenance operators helped the factory managers develop a sensor network that monitors and collects data on factory utility and environment. This network integrated existing data sources with new sensors Adenergy set up. AEMO now can map out the entire factory and create a virtual model that continually updates using live data. AEMO uses this virtual modeling to automatically modulate energy use and scan for any irregularities.

Equipment status is continually monitored with notifications of any irregularities and data fed into the predictive maintenance algorithm.

Adenergy Partnership: Adenergy has organized and guided the company’s transition to smart factory and helped it reach RE100 status. Adenergy’s team has used its considerable experience in day-to-day management and optimization of industrial-level power systems to minimize OpEx and tailor the system to the specific needs of this site.

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