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About us

Asia-born and Asia-based, Adenergy is an IoT and data-focused energy company that makes clean-energy transitions possible today, whether you’re in the commercial, industrial or private sector. Our award-winning platform uses the full power of AI and IoT to set you on the path to energy automation and smart-city connection.

Adenergy takes buildings, factories and cities into the smart era. We help companies streamline, manage and even produce their own energy for a fast and measurable ROI. We help governments use smart energy technology to improve city services, information sharing and quality of life for their citizens. Whatever your needs, Adenergy has the tools, network and expertise to help you today.

Parent company

Adenergy’s parent company is Aden, a China-based leader in asset and workplace management. Aden has more than 20 years’ experience in facilities of every kind, and has built a deep network in Asia, with 26,000 employees worldwide and 80 cities of operation in China alone.

From the start, Aden has pushed at the frontiers of facility management, technology and innovation. This spirit, combined with Aden’s wide reach, its decades of experience and its development of an IoT macro-platform for facility management, makes Aden the ideal support for Adenergy’s mission of bringing smart tools and clean energy transformations Asia’s businesses and governments.


Adenergy was founded by Aden and a core of China-based energy experts. All recognized a unique moment of opportunity for facilities in Asia, based on converging trends in clean energy, smart tech and market evolution.

From this spark, Adenergy was born, dedicated to building a new energy model that is localized, renewable, profitable and backed by serious data firepower.

Since then, we've been moving fast. Within its first five months, Adenergy won Microsoft and Envision's award for "Best Machine Learning Energy Optimization Platform". Today, we are fully operational in China and committed to B2B energy projects across the country. There's a big future ahead, and Adenergy is ready, powered by our goal of making the clean-energy and big-data revolution a reality at sites across Asia.


Arnaud brings 20 years’ industry experience to Adenergy, and has played a leading role in energy projects in Asia and Europe.

Arnaud Dauvillier
Fulvio has spent nearly two decades developing solutions for sustainable energy projects across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Fulvio Bartolucci
General Manager and Co-Founder
Leo has more than 10 years of smart-energy experience. Before joining Adenergy, he worked for major European and American energy companies.

Leo Liang
Strategy & Business Development
Jason has more than 10 years of professional experience including leadership roles in clean/renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Jason Su
Technical Director


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